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Recent news stories featuring John Beck-Hofmann

Hollywood and Southeastern Ohio connect at space studies program’s popular-culture panel

Colleen Carow and Pete Shooner | Jun 25, 2015

“I think that is the key to engaging people,” Beck-Hofmann said. “Do not be afraid to say ‘Look, I’m scared about this; it could fail, and I could fall flat on my face.’ ...

hoffman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR  tyranny web series koldcast John Beck-Hofmann director, composer, cameraman
Maidan, 1yr on: Who Fired the Shots in Central Kiev? 

By Lizzie Phelan  - RT Network - Feb 2015


...and now more evidence. An investigation involving forensic experts and a former FBI officer, himself a trained sniper, has been turned into an award winning documentary called, Maidan Massacre..."

hoffman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR  tyranny web series koldcast John Beck-Hofmann director, composer, cameraman
NSA Spying: How much Tyranny is in PRISM? 

By Toby Burns  - THE 6TH WALL - June 2013


...even more remarkable than the controversies themselves, however, is the fact that KoldCast TV’s thriller Tyranny, created by former NASA employee John Beck Hoffman, depicts almost precisely the same scenario...

hoffman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR John Beck-Hofmann director, composer, cameraman TYRANNY WEB SERIES
Intersection: NASA composer looks to Mars

By Mark Simpson  - WMFE 90.7 NEWS -  Jan 1, 2013

January 01, 2013 WMFE - It's a new year and 2013 starts with Capturing the essence of Orlando ... in sculpture. but we'll look to the heavens and talk with a NASA composer who gets his inspiration from the red planet Mars.  

offman hofman hoffmann koldcast 7 MINUTES OF TERROR John Beck-Hofmann director, composer, cameraman TYRANNY WEB SERIES
Q & A with NASA Filmmaker & Conspiracy Theorist John Beck-Hofmann

​By Ariel Nishli  - THE 6TH WALL - Sept 2012

There’s a fine line between curiosity and paranoia. Curiosity, after all, did kill that cat. How deep should one continue to dig once powerful opposing forces begin to surface? Ask John Beck Hofmann...

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 10.11.50

Curiosity mission showing NASA can be cool again
CBS EVENING NEWS - Aug 8, 2012

This mission is showing a different NASA. Gone are the thin ties and pocket protectors of early missions;  John Beck makes NASA videos...

offman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR director composer editor TYRANNY WEB SERIES

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Live at Red Rocks

 August 6, 2012

"Sadly, the celebration was cut short so that the mission control crew wouldnt be late to their shift at Best Buy. HAHA. Whoa!!! BAM!! Those people just landed a robot on F***!in' Mars and I just made fun of their shirts!"

offman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR weatherman films TYRANNY WEB SERIES

NASA's mini-movie "7 Minutes of Terror" goes viral
CBS GOODMORNING  - July 26, 2012

NASA's "7 Minutes of Terror" uses computer animation to detail the current mission to Mars. Bill Whitaker reports on the unlikely viral video, which already has almost 2 million online viewers.

offman hofman hoffmann weatherman films TYRANNY WEB SERIES

Landing on Mars: Seven minutes of terror
By Phil Plait - DISCOVER MAGAZINE - June 26, 2012

Holy crap. NASA, throw lots more money at the production company that made this video! You want to excite the public? They did it right.

offman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR weatherman films TYRANNY

Mars rover mission is Web's hottest mini-movie
Bill Whitaker - CBS EVENING NEWS - July 25, 2012

Beck's mini-movie is the hottest thing ever on NASA's Web site. This now-viral Curiosity video looks like something out of Hollywood has out-of-this-world images, like something made in Hollywood. It's a thrill ride...


PATT MORRISON: NASA's Curiosity rover stars in its own movie trailer

Guest: John Beck
89.3 KPCC -  July 12, 2012

NASA is sending another rover to Mars, and this time they’re using what amounts to a mini-movie – a disaster film without the disaster. It’s called “Seven Minutes of Terror” and it’s set to dramatic music. Patt talks to the director of the video, as well as one of the engineers responsible for Curiosity. 

offman hofman hoffmann 7 MINUTES OF TERROR weatherman films TYRANNY
Behind JPL's '7 Minutes of Terror' video on risky rover landing

​By Joe Bardin - THE LOS ANGELES TIMES -  July 12, 2012

Not everyone at JPL who’s supporting the mission is a planetary scientist or aerospace engineer. Arguably, the coolest job at the lab belongs to John Beck, the filmmaker behind the “7 Minutes of Terror” video that is one of the most-watched offerings on YouTube....

offman hofman hoffmann weatherman films TYRANNY

Simulated Space 'Terror' Offers NASA an Online Following
Kenneth Chang - The New York Times  - July 10, 2012

The video is called “Seven Minutes of Terror,” and describes, with the suspense and cinematography of a movie preview, what will happen next month. The video has succeeded in an area where NASA has a mixed track record: using social media and other tools of the 21st century to whip up interest in space exploration.        

offman hofman hoffmann weatherman films KOLDCAST TYRANNY WEB SERIES

Indienet and beyond's visions of 'Tyranny'
by Marx Pyle  - May 25, 2011

Did John Beck Hofmann realize when he moved from Omaha, Nebraska that he would someday be an award winning director of photography for NASA and become consumed with creating his web series Tyranny? 

offman hofman hoffmann weatherman films KOLDCAST WEB SERIES TYRANNY

TYRANNY: Web series thriller that leaves you with bated breath
BONZAI MAGAZINE -  ITALY -  Jan 22, 2011

Eccoci al weekend e, come ogni settimana, con il nostro consueto appuntamento con le web series. Questa settimana Bonsai TV vi consiglia una web series in stile sci-fi intitolata Tyranny erealizzata da John Beck Hofmann. LA STORIA Ambientata a Praga, Tyranny ruota attorno all'artista e filmmaker Daniel McCarthy che, nel novembre 1999...

offman hofman hoffmann weatherman films koldcast TYRANNY WEB SERIES DIRECTOR EDITOR COMPOSER

The Web Files: Episode #44: On set with the crew of "Tyranny"
KRISTYN BURTT - Aug 18, 2010

Web Files’ host, Kristyn Burtt, explores the many facets of near-future, psychological thriller Tyranny, a mind-blowing web series created by John Beck Hofmann and shot in various exotic locations around the world. It’s glossy, studio-quality fare on a micro budget with a crew that has recently expanded to all of two with the addition of DP Garrett Baquet. Oh, and did we mention there’s a Bond Girl in the series? 

offman hofman hoffmann koldcast tyranny series olga kurylenko
TYRANNY Trailer Brings Bond Girl Glamour

By Lindsay Stidham  - TUBEFILTER MAGAZINE -  OCT 28, 2008

Tyranny is indeed no ordinary web series. Self-financed by creator and star John Beck Hofmann, the world wide landscapes provide a big budget-looking back drop for what is truly an independent web series. Hofmann called us from London to speak about the re-launch of his pet project while attending the premiere of Quantum of Solace...

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